English Grammar in Useで英文法を学ぶ


Unit 5 (I did) Past simple 過去形



A Study example

Mozart was an Austrian musician and composer.

He lived from 1756 to 1791.

He started composing at the age of five and wrote more than 600 piece of music.

He was only 35 years old when he died.


モーツアルトはオーストラリア人です」という日本語から英文を考え始めたら、うっかり Mozart is an Austrian なんていう英語にしちゃいそうですね。ここもしっかり、「過去形」になるんですね。

B 動詞の変化

 動詞の原形が、過去形になるときの変化については、-ed を付けておわる regular verbs(規則動詞)と irregular verbs(不規則動詞)があります。中学生が最初に突き当たる関門ですね。

see - saw - seen

do - did - done

go - went - gone

write - wrote - written などなど。


C 疑問文や否定文の作りかた

did / didn't + infinitive(enjoy/see/go etc.)

疑問文では、did 否定文では、didn't を用い、動詞は不定詞になります。


A : Did you go out last night?

B : Yes, I went to the cinema, but I didn't enjoy the film much.

to the cinema ←これ、冠詞はtheでいいのですね。muchの使いかたも見習いたい。(not much)部分否定です。 

They didn't invite us to the party, so we didn't go.

'Did you have time to do the shopping?' 'No, I didn't'

D Be動詞はどうなるの?

The past of be(am/is/are) is was/were 

I was angry because they were late.

Was the weather good when you were on holiday?

They weren't able to come because they were very busy.

Did you go out last night? or were you too tired?



In my highschool I played the guitar with my friend in the band.

I also played rugby football in the club activities.