English Grammar in Useで英文法を学ぶ


Unit 20 (be going to) +(do)

A Study examples

I am going to do something と言ったら、



'Are you going to eat anything?' 'No, I'm not hungry.' 

I'm just going to make a quick phone call. Can you wait fo me?

This cheese smells terrible. I'm not going to eat it.





B I am doing と I am going to do

同様に、何かを前もって段取りしていたら、用意していることがある場合、たとえば、誰かと会う約束をしているときや、どこかにいく予定がある場合など、I am doing(現在進行形)を使って表現します。

What time are you meeting Ann this evening?

I'm leaving tomorrow. I've got my plane ticket.


I am going to do との使い分けについて、少し触れています。

'Your shoes are dirty.' 'Yes, I know. I'm going to clean them.'



I've decided not to stay here any longer. Tomorrow I'm going to look for somewhere else to stay.


I am doing と I am going to do 時にその違いは小さいもので、どちらも使うそうです。


C これから起こりそうなこと、今にも始まりそうなこと

Look at those black clouds! It's going to rain.

I feel terrible. I think I'm going to be sick.

The economic situation is bad now and things are going to get worse.


D I was going to do something これからのこと?過去のこと?


We were going to travel by train, but then we decided to go by car instead.


Peter was going to do the exam, but he changed his mind.



I thought it was going to rain, but it didn't.



これも、be going to で表現するのかな?



では、本日もToday's Journaling でおしまいです。

I was going to clean my room for the first time in a week yesterday. But it was such a sunny day that I could not do it. Because I went for a walk to the neighborhood park. So I'm going to clean my room this afternoon.